Watch and learn how to optimize nutrition
+ mindset after weight loss surgery
From Registered Dietitian &
Bariatric Coach Kayla Rae Girgen, RD, LD
Feeling stuck or stalled after weight loss surgery?
Join Kayla Girgen, RD, LD as she dives into all things macros, fluids, nutrition supplements + more in this WLS video mini-series!
In part one, you will learn...

🍪 How snacking leads to weight gain 

🥦 The difference between macro- and micro-nutrients

🍗 How much protein to eat per meal

🥛 Why sipping on protein shakes is a bad idea

In part two, you will learn...

💦 Tips to increase your fluid intake

☕️ Coffee + 🍷 Alcohol - What to look for

💩 How to manage constipation after surgery

In part three, you will learn...

💇🏽‍♀️ How to minimize hair loss after WLS

💊 Nutrition supplements - Which ones are best?

☑️ What types of supplements are best absorbed 
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